Absolutely … To continue the work that has begun there needs to be a strong mandate from forestry and wood products businesses that this work is important. The strength of the sector depends on each and every company being an active participant.  It is the collective and unified voice of industry that drives initiatives. 

The size of our membership has a direct correlation to our ability to influence the media, government agencies, or politics, whether at the local, state, or national level. Your membership also affords you the opportunity to participate in determining the future direction of the organization and projects we will undertake on behalf of our members.

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*Please pay dues via check with this discount. The Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers is an affiliate member of VWMA. Thus, if you are a Guild member joining VWMA for the first time you are eligible for a 50% discount on the dues rates above for your first year of membership (For example: At the 1-2 employee level your dues would be $80.00.) If you are a Guild member who has received the 50% discount previously and are renewing with the VWMA you are eligible for a 25% discount on your dues rate above. 

Some of our member benefits:

•Member-only pricing for certain VWMA sponsored events, workshops, and membership meetings.

• Voting rights at annual election of officers and other VWMA member business

• Members get preferred booth placement at the Annual Vermont Woodworking Festival

•25-50% discount on VWMA dues for existing or new members of The Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers. 

•25% discount for Wood Products Company dues when joining the Vermont Woodlands Association, which includes a COMPLIMENTARY subscription to Northern Woodlands Magazine 

•Individual company profiles on our member website giving you the ability to tell consumers what your products and services are. We receive a lot of consumer inquiries about products at our office and share member product info only. 

•Login access to member-only marketing materials on vermontwood.com, which includes helpful videos on Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing online, trade show tips, branding your business, profitable growth, global trade, and much more!

•Woodworker representation on the Working Lands Enterprise Board, the Agriculture and Forest Products Development Board, and the Working Lands Coalition. These boards and coalitions are representing your interests at the table and help to drive the legislature to continue investing in the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative. Over four years of granting, the WLEB has invested $811,510 in 29 forest businesses, and $779,281 in forestry related service provider grants.

•Sharing of your latest company news on our VWMA Facebook page, Flickr, Pinterest, 

.......and much, much more! Join today!

In my general experience with a variety of trade associations and similar endeavors, the investment in time and resources required is rarely justified by any return realized.  Over my several years of membership, the Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association has consistently proven to be an exception to the rule.  From seminars and educational information, to the Vermont Wood Festival and other marketing opportunities, to good support from the administrative staff, the fruits of our involvement with VWMA have shown up on our bottom line.  
Scott Duffy

“Being involved with the VWMA has been great for our business.  The Meet Up events have been incredibly beneficial and have provided us with networking opportunities that have resulted in new business relationships with other Vermont woodworking companies.  The VWMA also provides a unified voice to woodworking businesses on important issues we all face today.  If you aren’t currently a member of the VWMA, I would strongly encourage you to join.”- Jon Blatchford, JK Adams, Co.

Members of your Board of Directors have made a commitment to serve the association and would be happy to hear from you if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the industry.